New: Set up a standing order for home delivery with our coffee subscription service!

Subscription prices below are available only in the Skerries area - see our delivery service description for details on where local delivery is available. You will be billed monthly as shown below.

For postal delivery outside the Skerries area, you can still subscribe - please see our postal delivery subscription page

Subscriptions expire twelve months after they are placed (when we hope you will resubscribe!). You can cancel your order anytime (use the Unsubscribe) button below).

Weekly home delivery of 250 g coffee (€32/month):
Select a coffee
Fortnightly hand delivery of 250 g coffee (€16/month):
Select a coffee
Weekly delivery of 500g of coffee - you may specify a mix of whole bean and ground, or Hedgehog Blend and Decaf Colombian, if you wish (€60/month):
Special Instructions (e.g. "Decaf", "Ground for Cafetiere", etc.)
Cancel your Hedgehog Coffee subscription anytime (we'll send you coffee for the rest of the more recently paid-up month)